What should a baby wear for Baptism?

13 February 2023

What should a baby wear for Baptism?

What should a baby wear for Baptism?

What should a baby wear for Baptism    

Baptism is a very important moment for the whole family and it always creates some uncertainty about how mommy should dress and how to dress her baby.

Nowadays, it is easier to choose baptism clothes, as some patterns and traditions of the past have changed. However, baptism is a formal religious ceremony and therefore implies care and elegance when dressing.

In the old days it was very common and tradition for the baby to wear a gown, a traditional unisex long dress adorned with embroidered details and lace. Even today, many families opt for this tradition, wearing the same clothing that was used by the generations of babies in the family. On the day of the baptism, the baby's name is embroidered on the lining of the gown along with other family names that wore the same outfit.

But the proposals are not limited here, if you are a fan of more contemporary looks you will find dresses and shorties for girls, for boys you´ll find beutiful outfits sets composed by shirt and shorts that can be complemented or not with accessories like papillon, bow ties, vests and suspenders.

If the baptism takes place in winter a good coat will be essential, there are options from short models to overcoats. If it's in the summer, knitted boleros and cardigans will be a good choice to complete the outfit. 

About colours, the total white look or crudes and beiges tones are common by tradition, but it is also usual for some moms to opt for other colours such as mint green, tea pink or pale blue.

Check our tips for choosing your baby's Baptism outfit.


1 - Fabrics


The choice of fabric must be adapted to the time of the year. Clothes must be comfortable, not too warm or too fresh, pay attention to elastic bands that can tighten or buttons that can bother the baby, after all baby will have a long front day so we want to provide him the maximum comfort.

Bet on cottons for winter and summer, linens or silks in summer and velvets in winter. Bet on embroidered details and lace to stand out the outfit.

2 - Clothing Models


The choice is yours mum...! Follow your personal taste. If the children are more grown up, opt for special occasions clothes: dresses, shirts with pants or shorts. For the babies there are several cute and beautiful options: dresses and outfit sets with a huge range of options.


3 - Accessories


Bet on details and accessories that can make a difference in in your baby's baptism look.

Girls – Bows and embroidery, lace, tulle and hair accessories.

Boys – Embroidery, Sashes, papillon, ties, vests and suspenders.


4 - Colours


Tradition is no longer what it used to be. If you want you may opt for the traditional white look or beige tones or stand out of tradition choosing other colours. Ideally, the chosen color should be in soft tones: one of our favorites is mint green, but you can also choose pink or blue in light or pale tones.


5- Shoes

The shoes complete the outfit, so you should choose them carefully to match with the look, in the right size and above all they should be comfortable.

The model depends on the chosen look, it can be more classic or social like a sandal for girls or moccasins shoes for boys.

So, did you like our suggestions? Visit our online store and discover the perfect look for your baby's Baptism.


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