Paz Rodríguez - Fall Winter 2022/2023

09 August 2022

Paz Rodríguez - Fall Winter 2022/2023

Paz Rodríguez - Fall Winter 2022/2023

Paz Rodríguez - Autumn Winter 2022/2023

Comforting textures, a fine selection of materials, exclusive prints and a new range of colors are some of the proposals of the new PazRodríguez collection for the new Autumn Winter 2022 / 2023 season.


The production of this wonderful Autumn Winter collection stands out for the richness of its details and for their elegance both for everyday life and for special occasions.

It has a lovely color palette inspired by the tones of nature and the colors of the earth are the protagonists. In addition, you can also find blues that are full of life, greens that make you fall in love and delicate shades of pink.

For boys, you'll find colorful sweaters with fun prints and super cute motifs, coats, hats, winter accessories and much more! Your little one will be comfortable and stylish at all occasians.

For girls, you´ll find sweet plumeti fabrics, romantic-inspired dresses, knitted hats and the cutest coats of the season for your princess.

In the Autumn Winter Collection by Paz Rodríguez at Kolor Kids online store, you´ll find all the options you need for newborn clothes, clothes for a baby boy or baby girl and children, from the first outfit to the outfits back to school or specialoccasions, so we wish you a fantastic Autumn Winter with all the elegance and comfort you deserve.

If you're a fan of the Paz Rodríguez brand, don't forget to visit our Autumn Winter promotions at Kolor Kids




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