How to dress your baby on the hot days?

23 May 2022

How to dress your baby on the hot days?

How to dress your baby on the hot days?

Your baby's summer wardrobe should include pieces that allow your baby play freely with maximum comfort and style even on the hot days. For this reason, you should prioritize fresh and soft clothes in cotton and light colors.


Ensure the best summer outfits for the hot days with Kolor Kids' suggestions.


Basic clothes for everyday


Summer days requires light and fresh clothes. This is the key to making the little ones feel comfortable and practical for the days with higher temperatures.


Choose cotton clothes and their derivatives such as knits, tricoline, cotton chambray, crepe and twill. All these options have the natural fibers of cotton and allow the breathe´s skin, as the cotton absorbs humidity and quickly dries preventing sweat from getting on the body, thus keeping the baby cool.


There are many and varied options for baby clothes: dresses, rompers, shorts and t-shirts of these fabrics that are great for everyday, to use in nursery, when playing with friends or on a day spent with grandparents.

To be at home, basic clothes such as bodysuits, shorties, t-shirts and shorts are the most practical option. On the hottest days your baby will thank you if you only wear a bodysuit to walk around the house.

Clothes for beach and country vacations


Taking a beach vacation with children is a memorable time, with lots of play and fun. Heat, sand and sea are the perfect combination that children love.


But going to the beach requires some extra care, in addition to  sun protect cream, you need to invest in swimwear with UV protetor swimwear with light and soft fabrics that dry quickly.


As babies' skin is very sensitive and susceptible to burns, scalds and rashes when exposed to the sun's rays, whenever possible, choose long-sleeved swimwear with UV sun protection, longer shorts or bathing suits rather than bikinis in order to ensure greater coverage and body protection, particularly in the first months of the baby's life.


For going out to the beach, the shorties and jumpsuits are comfortable and practical as a overall piece easier to dree and undress. And, of course, never forget an extra change of clothes for going out and for the bath, as it is common for them to get dirty or the clothes not to be dry when leaving the beach.

Country vacations are also very much appreciated by the little ones and sometimes they also require bathing suits as they may include swimming pools, dams or river beaches.


Therefore, bring long-sleeved clothes (cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts), long dresses to protect the princesses from inconvenient insects and mosquitoes. Pants and leggings are also good options for walks in the countryside.


As on the beach, it is recommended to use sun protector cream  and don't forget repellents, which are an essential for the well-being of the baby in the countryside.


Clothes for traveling by plane or car


Traveling to a holiday destination with children is always a challenge on the way to adventure whether by plane or car. In both situations, you should pack a carry-on bag or backpack with enough clothes for the journey.


For the little ones can't miss bodysuits, overalls or t-shirts and shorts. Take with you a light blanket to protect the baby from the air conditioning and him/her favorite doll or plush toy that will be a friend for little naps, because with the vibration of the car or plane they love to sleep a good nap.


Don't forget to bring a cap or hat to protect him from the sun, especially when traveling by car. And of course you can't miss a changing nappies and all the accessories for changing diapers.


For boys and girls, there are also overalls, shorts and blouses so they can be cool and comfortable during the trip.


Avoid tight-fitting clothes, with ornaments, buttons on the back or zip fasteners as they can cause discomfort on trips of several hours sitting or lying down.


Clothing for social occasions and birthday parties


Playing with friends is marked by a lot of fun and games. Opt for casual, fresh and comfortable baby clothes in cotton. Shorts and t-shirts, light dresses or overalls are key pieces.


Sneakers are always a good and comfortable option for babies who are just starting to walk. For girls, opt for hairstyles that take the hair out of the face, ponytails or braids.


And of course never forget an extra change of clothes, more than 50% of the time you will have to change them before the end of the party.


Clothing for special occasions, baptisms and weddings


Regardless of the occasion, the little ones are always protagonists and the center of attention in special festivities and therefore they should dress according to the occasion. Party days are usually intense, with lots of activity, play and running around, so you should opt for comfortable clothes.


Choose cotton or linen pieces. Linen is part of the group of natural fibers and has characteristics very similar to cotton, it is fresh and light and has a “chic” look, which is why it is usually used in party looks.


For newborn babies, the rompers and overalls are a guaranteed comfort option. Bet on occasion pieces with details (lace, embroidery, small ruffles) or soft patterns (florals, liberty, plaid,...).


For baby boys invest in outfits sets (shirts and shorts. For baby girls, simply dresses or dresses sets are practical options that allow her to shine and play at the same time.


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