Black Friday 2022 – Tips to get the best deals

28 June 2022

Black Friday 2022 – Tips to get the best deals

Black Friday 2022 – Tips to get the best deals

Black Friday 2022 – Tips to get the best deals


The countdown to Black Friday has begun. Save the date: 25 November this year with Cyber Monday following on 28 November, that special shopping day whn you can guarantee the best discounts and promotions of the year.

Black Friday is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to make excellent purchases, from clothing, computers, mobile phones, appliances, decoration and much more, with the advantage of being able to anticipate some Christmas shopping in view of the proximity of the Christmas season.

Being the event of the year that consumers are so eagerly awaiting to make purchases at the best prices, it is also a vulnerable moment for consumers as unfortunately there are brands, stores and people who tend to take advantage of the situation and develop scams and frauds in this particular period of sale.

Scam and fraud techniques tend to be more and more elaborate and sophisticated and it is not always easy to detect some traps. With all this in mind, we share with you some tips to help you ensure good shopping and safe shopping. 


  1. Buy preferably in reputable stores that you already know


The lower price is effectively the big draw of Black Friday. However, the lowest price should not be the only point to take into account when you are buying.

If you choose to buy from unknown stores, in particular online stores, try to get early feedback from these stores on your social networks, recommendations, online complaints book, among other means. This is because unfortunately at this time of year, several fictitious stores tend to be created to deceive consumers, so before informing your personal data to make a payment, check the reputation of the store where you are buying.


  1. Choose the products you want to buy before the day


The Black Friday Day isn´t certainly a good day to go window shopping in the expectation of discovering the best deals, you probably won't find good opportunities or buy what you really need.

The best shopping strategy for this day is to choose early everything you want to buy, preferably with links to the articles and stores where you made your selection.

If you’re buying from online shops, it's even easier, put your favorite items in the cart or wishlist early and when the big day arrives, you just need to complete your purchase, saving time and increasing the probability of securing your favorite items. before they run out.

Another good tip: subscribe in advance at the stores where you want to buy, in order to get immediate access to the opening Black Friday moment of your favorites stores. More and more stores are opting for early Black Friday, so terms like Black Days, Black November and Black Week are becoming frequent in many stores, and the sale period is brought forward and extended. 


  1. Follow the evolution of Prices


Once you have defined the items you want to buy, start tracking prices at least a month in advance, how many stories have we all heard that on Black Friday charge higher prices than in the periods immediately preceding the sale.

Be careful and don´t fall into this trap, compare prices and products between stores and evaluate if the discount is really worth it.


  1. Shopping online: Use a secure connection to shop


Public Wi-Fi connections are more vulnerable to attacks that can access your personal and payment data. That's why you should avoid shopping on public internet networks such as shopping centers, cafes, bars, among others.

Even on private Wi-Fi networks, you should check the website's security certificate. Addresses that start with HTTPS are more reliable and safe to purchase. Sites that start with just HTTP may be more vulnerable. 


  1. Choose to pay by Credit Card or Paypal


Credit cards are one of the safest options when making a purchase, namely shopping online, as the consumer is fully protected if there are movements that are not associated with  the cardholder, the issuing entity – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others  – will refund this amount until the problem is solved.

Finally, anything that does not go as expected, the buyer still has 14 calendar days after receiving the order, to cancel the purchase and return the product. This is called the reflection period. If you haven´t received the order (including on the agreed date), or if you have received it, but it isn´t in accordance with what was described on the website, or there are errors in the sizes ordered (in the case of clothing), you can return the product, cancel the purchase and the money doesn´t come out of your account.

That said, payment with a credit card is one of the safest options when making shopping online, as it guarantees the safeguarding of the product's quality, offers you protection over the delivery period and, finally, the cardholder's data. are insured.

Another equally safe option is to use PayPal, which allows cancellation and immediate chargeback if the goods are not delivered as expected. 


How to enjoy the best of Kolor Kids Black Friday?


At Kolor Kids, just register your customer account and we will notify you early of our Black Friday Sale on baby clothes and children's clothing. Make a list of the clothes you love for your baby and children and wait for the big day: this is the right time to buy them!

Don't forget about Christmas gifts: Black Friday is the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping and buy that special Christmas outfit for your little ones.


Kolor Kids

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