Baby's first outfit to wear when leaving the hospital

06 June 2022

Baby's first outfit to wear when leaving the hospital

Baby's first outfit to wear when leaving the hospital

The child birth is one of the most remarkable events in our lives, it´s a mix of several emotions: joy, surprise, tenderness and so many others that this special moment is indescribable.

Leaving the hospital and returning home with the baby is also a very special moment, after all, it is the first moment that the baby will wear official clothes and will be introduced to the world and get to know his home. It's a unique moment that will stay for posterity and that's why the first outfit should be special.

Check out our suggestions, from one of our favorite brands: Paz Rodriguez.

For Baby Girl

For Baby Boy

Our favorite option for leaving the hospital are the knitted 2 piece babygrow sets with a matching bonnet for baby girls and a hat for baby boys, you can also complete the outfit set with a knitted baby blanket or shawl.

They are elegant and super practical, being by far the most comfortable option for the baby. Choose timeless and classic designs with special details, after all, this is a special moment that will remain in parent´s memory forever and that tells your baby's story.

If you like more babysuits and jumpsuits with a special touch, we also have some suggestions that you will surely love. As the knitted sets, you can also complete the look with an embroidered collar, bonnet or hat and a baby blanket.

Here are some more ideas to your inspiration.

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